1. General booking conditions

All the reservations will be formalized according to the different conditions accepted by the user at the initial confirmation of the same. These conditions can be: selected dates, number of guests, number of nights, times of check-in and check-out of the property, final cleaning, additional services, etc.

In case there is a modification to the reservation after its acceptance, the conditions must be accepted by both parties, and might be subject to an extra cost.

2.- Reservation cancellation policy

  1. General cancellation conditions: If the opposite is not explicitly specified, all reservations are considered non-refundable. The penalty amounts, in case of cancellation or non-compliance with the payment conditions, will be the total amount already paid.
  2. Particular conditions: If other cancellation policies are explicitly published, they will govern in everything that expressly modify the general conditions.
  3. Cancellation conditions due to Covid-19 or similar: in case of government prohibitions on passenger transit, both at the client's point of origin and at the destination, the client will have the right to:
    - Change of dates for the same property or similar property from our portfolio;
    - Emission of a voucher that can be used in any of our available properties for new selected dates with the value of the amount paid;
    - Free cancellation in case neither of the two previous options are accepted and the reason for the cancellation is force majeure, which implies a prohibition by the Government to leave the place of origin, or travel to Mallorca.
To qualify for this free cancellation exception, the reason for it must affect at least half of the clients and must consist of an express government ban on traveling to Mallorca or leaving the place of origin.

3. Security deposit

All reservations carry the obligation on the part of the client to pay a security deposit. This may vary in terms of quantity, depending on variables such as the type of property, furniture or size of the same, etc. Any damage or damage caused to the property by the tenant during their stay or the breach of common rules of use will entail compensation corresponding to the damage caused.

In the case of not complying with the municipal civic ordinances, the agency may retain the amount necessary to cover any police or municipal sanction as long as it is aware of said non-compliance: by being notified directly by the Police, by the repeated complaints of several neighbors or by direct knowledge of agency staff.

The non-payment of said security deposit in time will have the effect, as well as the non-payment of any other amount already agreed, the cancellation of the reservation due to non-compliance with the payment schedule.

Said deposit will be formalized by credit card or bank transfer within the term stipulated at the time of formalizing the reservation and will be returned by the same means within a maximum period of 9 business days upon departure from the property.

4. Cleaning fee

The payment of the final cleaning is mandatory in all reservations; its amount is variable depending on the property.

The payment of the same guarantees the delivery of the property in optimal conditions of hygiene, disinfection and habitability, with special attention to viral disinfection for the complete safety of clients against possible threats such as Covid-19 or others.

The client must comply with the following rules at the time of ending the stay:

  • Leave kitchen utensils and utensils (pots, pans, glasses, cutlery, etc.) clean and placed in their proper place.
  • Leave the property free of any type of food (perishable or not).
  • Leave the property free of garbage or residues inside and must deposit said garbage in the municipal containers located on the public highway.

5. Tourist tax

In compliance with the Tax Law on tourist stays in the Balearic Islands (…) (Law 2/2016 of March 30) and its Development Decree (Decree 35/2016 of June 23), each reservation will entail the payment of one amount per night of accommodation for guests over 16 years of age, minors under 16 being exempt from payment.

The daily amount of this tax varies, being € 2.20 from April 1 to October 31 and € 0.55 the rest of the months (per person per night).

6. Consumption

All reservations include free of charge all the consumptions derived from the supplies (water, electricity, gas, and internet). They are calculated to comfortably cover daily needs (according to the temperature depending on the season). Abusive consumptions such as leaving the heating, air conditioners, fans and water running while the tenant is not in the property are not included.

Penalty according to excess consumption, from € 50.

These penalties are taken by the company in order to guarantee responsible consumption by the customer, for environmental reasons and to avoid situations of misuse of the facilities.

The main factors that can cause such overconsumption are especially related to the rational use of air conditioners and to prevent it, it is enough to follow the following premises:

  • close windows and exterior doors while they are being used (the intake of exterior air, of a different temperature than the interior one, multiplies the effort and consumption of these)
  • turn them off when leaving the property for more than 1 hour
  • air conditioning the house to the ideal temperature for thermal comfort: 24º - 26º in summer / 20º-22º in winter

7. House Rules

It is mandatory for the client to comply with all municipal civic and coexistence regulations, both in the home and on public roads, with the Police being able to sanction non-compliance with them.

Since most of the residents close to the permanent residences are not on vacation, their rest hours are normal and not as relaxed as they can be on vacation, so this circumstance should be understood and, while still enjoying the holidays, be respectful with your rest.

In accordance with article 50.12 of the Balearic Tourism Law (Law 08/2012 of July 19), the agency must require the abandonment of the property within a maximum period of 24 hours from those clients who seriously alter the rules of coexistence. This measure is considered exceptional and only for "serious" breaches.

The basic rules of coexistence are similar to those that anyone can have in their place of origin, and consist of the following:

  • Prohibitions in housing:
    • The use of amplification devices that exceed the decibels allowed by the municipality in which the home is located.
    • The organizing of parties
    • The access of people other than those housed.
    • Jumping from walls, balconies or doors to access the property.
    • Making noises that alter the neighborhood rest.
  • Prohibitions on public roads:
    • Spitting, defecating, urinating or throwing garbage in the street.
    • Depositing garbage in inappropriate containers or after hours allowed.
    • Drinking alcoholic beverages in a group.
    • Exhibitionism or sexual activities.
    • Damaging urban installations or furniture.

8. Minimum age for booking

All reservations must be formalized by persons of legal age (over 18 years).

The Company reserves the right to admit groups of young people under the age of 25 upon request.

9. Promotion codes

The promotion codes provided by Slow Villas are valid only and exclusively on its own website, may consist of a percentage or quantitative discount and have a limited time validity that will be determined at the time said code is provided.

The agency reserves the right to, exceptionally, cancel or modify promotion codes already issued, but not yet redeemed.

10. Documentation

In accordance with current citizen security legislation, all guests must prove their identity, with the agency being responsible for collecting said data. For this purpose, a copy of the national identity document or passport of the person responsible for the reservation and / or the holder of the credit card with which the payment of said reservation is made, if applicable, will be requested. The rest of the guests must provide all their identification data, without being necessary in this case the provision of a copy of the identification document. All these data and documentation must be provided prior to arrival at the property through the data form.

11. Data Form

This document collects, in addition to the data essential by law for the identification of the guests, others necessary for the coordination of the reservation, such as the method of transport chosen by the client, identification of the flight / ship number, among others.

The transmission of said data from the client to Slow Villas is carried out in an encrypted form for the security of said transmission, said data being guarded by the agency in accordance with current European legislation on the protection of personal data (RGPD).

12. Maintenance and access to the property

In order to provide optimal usability conditions for gardens, swimming pools and exteriors, the properties require periodic maintenance. The client must allow access to the maintenance service with a periodicity ranging from 2-3 days a week.

In case of emergency, or incident, the client should contact the company as soon as possible. If you are not at the property when the service comes to solve the problems, you must necessarily grant access to them.

13. Self Check-In Service (remote reception)

In case the Check-In is made outside our office hours (Mon-Fri; 9:00 am-5:00 pm), the keys will be deposited in a security box located outside our office. The codes of the boxes will be provided along with the Check-In information. In case of any problem in accessing the keys, you will have the agency's 24-hour telephone contact for your assistance.

Once the box has been used, it is important that the correct code is not left in view of other people, for which you must move said code once the box is closed.

If upon entering the property you detect any incident, flaw or damage caused prior to your arrival, we ask you to inform it by email or WhatsApp during the first 24 hours of your stay in the house. We recommend that you take the necessary photos and attach them to your message. Our maintenance team will offer you assistance as soon as possible to correct the reported deficiencies.

14. Early Check-In Service (early reception)

The early reception service (before 4:00 p.m.) is subject to availability that the house is already free and can be clean.

Two days before arrival, our team will be able to confirm the availability of the service and the earliest possible time of entry.

15. Auto Check Out Service (non-presential departure)

In the event that the Check-Out occurs outside of our office hours (MF; 9:00 am-5:00pm), the keys have to be deposited in the white mailbox located outside our office once the property has been left.

16. Late Check-out service (late departure)

The late departure service (from 10:00 a.m.) is subject to availability.

Two days before departure, our team will be able to confirm the availability of the service and the latest possible time of departure.

In case of accepting the service, the client must confirm their interest in writing (via email or WhatsApp) indicating their departure time from the property.

17. Emergency service

We have a telephone service 24 hours a day, to assist the client during the stay in urgent situations. For any other type of non-urgent care, you should contact the office.

18. Incidents

We do everything possible to ensure the perfect condition of our properties. If you report any incident to us during your stay, our technical team will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.