Cancellation Policy


In any case, the applicable cancellation policy will be the particular one of the Provider through which the client has made and managed the reservation, whose conditions can be found in its respective web page and these, in any case, are expressly accepted by the client when using the same and contract the services of the Provider.

The proper cancellation policy of SLOW VILLAS and detailed below will only apply in case of reservations made directly with SLOW VILLAS, that is, without the intermediary of any Supplier, in which case the following conditions will be observed:

FIRST.- At the time of making any reservation with SLOW VILLAS the client must pay a percentage of the final price of the reserved property, this percentage will in no case exceed 30% of the amount of the reservation.

The payment of the rest of the rental amount will be made, at the latest at the time of arrival.

Once the payment of the reservation has been received, the property will be blocked for the indicated dates, being guaranteed the availability of the property by SLOW VILLAS. In the event that, for unforeseeable reasons beyond the control of SLOW VILLAS, the reserved property could not be available on the dates indicated, SLOW VILLAS will offer the customer an alternative house of the same or similar characteristics, or if this is not possible, the refund of the amount of the reservation.

SECOND.- In case of cancellation of a reservation, a penalty percentage will be applied according to the following rules:

-If only a percentage of the final price has been paid as a reservation, once the reservation has been made and the mentioned percentage has been paid, it will not be refunded, regardless of the advance with which the reservation is canceled.

-In case the total price of the reservation has been paid, the penalty in case of cancellation will be calculated as follows:

Days in advancePercentage of penalty
More than 60 days50%
More than 30 days75%
0 to 30 days100%

When the cancellation occurs once the client has moved in the establishment, the client must pay the total amount of the reservation and all reserved services.

THIRD.- Exceptionally, in case of duly justified client's illness (due to illness, family situations or other similar circumstances), the client is obliged to cancel the reservation, SLOW VILLAS will retain the amount paid, in accordance with the above criteria, and Slow Villas may maintain In case the reservation for a later date, always taking into account the availability and adjusting the prices according to the property and the corresponding season. In these cases, the customer must make the new reservation within the next three months, with the amount paid to the payment of the new reservation being applied. After this period has elapsed without having requested a new reservation, the customer will definitively lose the amount paid. In any case, SLOW VILLAS reserves the right to assess these circumstances and to consider whether they are justified or not, with the exclusive right of SLOW VILLAS to decide to maintain the reservation in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph.

FOURTH.- In cases of force majeure, just to mention a few, and among other things, the cases of flooding of the building, rupture of the septic tank or rupture of the electric panel, as long as this makes the building uninhabitable and is not the exclusive fault of the client, SLOW VILLAS will offer a house of similar characteristics to the client. If this is not possible SLOW VILLAS will offer a house of higher category maintaining the agreed price to the client. If none of the above is possible, the price paid will be refunded. This will only take place when the defect is not susceptible of being repaired throughout the stay, making the house absolutely and objectively uninhabitable. In the event that the defects can be remedied, the client must immediately inform SLOW VILLAS, who undertakes to repair it, directly or indirectly in the shortest possible time and at no cost to the client.

FIFTH.- In any case, in the event of cancellation / revocation, or when there are defects or problems in the property, the client must inform SLOW VILLAS reliably as soon as he or she has knowledge of it. In no case will be answered complaints or claims that have not been reliably communicated in the terms indicated.

SIXTH.- SLOW VILLAS guarantees that all the properties are in optimal conditions to be occupied by their clients and that they have been duly reviewed by members of its team. Likewise, it guarantees that the photos of the properties that appear on its website as well as on the websites of the providers correspond to reality. At the departure of each client the property is reviewed by a technician or competent person.

All of the foregoing shall apply to direct relations between SLOW VILLAS and its customers, without prejudice to the particular terms and conditions of the suppliers through which, and where applicable, the booking, terms and conditions on their respective pages Web and are also accepted by the customer when using their services.